Miche Bags: Style, Convenience and Affordability

Michi Bags at Creativ FestivalAs part of the fashion at Creativ Festival, we will have Miche Bags on the show floor showcasing the latest styles and trends of hand bags.

Style, Convenience, Affordability—It’s in the Bag!

If you’re like most women, you pay a fortune for handbags you may only use a couple of times—then they just sit in your closet gathering dust! A Miche Bag allows you to keep all your essentials in just one purse, frees up your closet space for more important things (like more shoes!), and gives you the freedom to enjoy the latest styles anytime you want without draining your bank account. So you. So now. So Miche. Who says you can’t have it all? With Miche—you can! Honest.

See How These Bags Work – You will be pleasantly surprised how interchangeable they can be.

Explore the Creativ Festival show floor and find Miche Bags for your personal demo on these high class hand bags. Booth 184.

The Toronto Star Newspaper: A Part of Canada’s History

The Star NewspaperThe Toronto Star joins us at Creativ Festival.

  • Do you know how The Toronto Star got started?
  • Do you know the paper is now 120 years old?
  • Did you know that the original paper was only 4 pages?

I invite you to see some really fascinating facts about The Toronto Star with a 100 year review of the major milestones that were accomplished along the way.

What year did The Toronto Star start printing in full colour? See the article for this fact and many more.

The Toronto Star is really a part of Canada’s history and has seen trends come and go. The vision and dedication of numerous managers, production crews and writers of yesteryear have poured in countless hours throughout the years with one objective… Getting the news out and keeping Canadian citizens informed to the latest information.

Join The Toronto Star  back at Creativ Festival this spring. They can be found in booth# 177.

West Toronto Beading Guild

West Toronto Beading Guilt at Creativ FestivalThe West Toronto Beading Guild is known at WTBG in its short form. Serving West Toronto region for designers, artists and enthusiastic people who love to create their own jewellery.

As you can learn on their website, here is a bit about what their vision and mission is as an organization.


WTBG exists to provide our members the opportunity to learn, teach, create, promote the arts and artistic endeavours, enjoy each other’s company, develop friendships, contribute to our community and most importantly have fun.

Mission (In Their Words)

  • We bring new artists together with experience artists to learn and share our knowledge and experience.  We encourage young women to join us from as young as 12.
  • We insist on having a great time and learning all sorts of new things in the world of beading.
  • Our meetings will always remain fun, full of laughter, creative themed, and chocked full of wonderful learning and beading opportunities.
  • New things are always in the works for our members and creative challenges within the guild.
  • Members love getting involved in our events and fund raising events for the community.
  • We exist as a non-profit organization. 
Ask a representative from WTBG while at the festival how you can partake in all the wonderful events and shows they do throughout the year.

WTBG is providing a number of interactive activities in live sessions throughout the Creativ Festival this spring. Refer to our activities for Spring’s show in the Jewellery and Beading Category to learn how you can take part. Booth 225.

El Tambache: Bringing The South To The North

Creativ FestivalEl Tambache joins us at Creativ Festival this April.

El Tambache is a travellin’ show where they display their wool linen based clothing, jewellery and accessories.

Their deLux Knit Wear includes adorable hats and mittens that are made to look like your favourite animals. Their booth is usually a popular spot at Creativ Festival due to the unique treasures you will find.

Join us at Creativ Festival and be sure to stop by El Tambache on the show floor.

Find them at booth# 352.

Studs For Your Duds

Studs For Your Duds Inspiration

Introducing Studs For Your Duds, a retail and wholesale business specializing in Iron-on Motif/Iron on Transfers of metals and crystals to stylize your fabrics and/or wardrobe.

Although the Studs For Your Duds, head office is located in Zolfo Springs, Florida you will meet and learn techniques from their Canadian distributor Sharon Bullock at the Creativ Festival. They are an online business and all of their products are available through their website for easy online purchasing.

Pink Flamingo

Whether it’s a special applicator to add individual crystals to your creations or a motif that’s simple or amazingly high in bling, they have a wide array from which to choose.

And to see some really fun and serious bling take a look at their Christsmas section and check out their Fireplace Living Room at the very bottom of the page.

Ever considered adding an eye catching neckline to your garment?  View their extensive line of Neckline Motifs for some fabulous ideas.

Studs For Your Duds joins us at Creativ Festival in April 2013 where you can see their massive selections. Find them at booth 129.

WonderFil™ Specialty Threads: Providing Inspirational Thread Choices

WonderFil™ Specialty Threads has a really colourful and inspirational website. Their site really captures the magnificence of their specialty thread selections. You can find a location near you that carries their products.

They provide retailers with packaging and customized displays to enhance the organization and appearance of their threads. Their threads are provided in cotton, rayon, polyester and metalic. Threads are also categorized by weights to narrow down choices.

WonderFil™ Specialty Threads is providing 5 quilting seminars as highlighted in our free sessions. Look for WonderFil™ on the Creativ Festival show floor for decorative, specialty and embroidery threads both this spring and fall.

Join Wonderfil  back at Creativ Festival this spring. They can be found in booth 132 .

Hyggeligt Fabrics: London Ontario Quilting Shop & Online Store

Hyggeligt Fabrics at Creativ FestivalHyggeligt Fabrics is located in London Ontario at 515 Richmond Street, Unit 4. Their store hours and directions are provided on their website. They also have a strong online website for shopping to have things ordered and shipped directly to you.

Some of the items they carry are Cotton Voile, Kaffe Fassett Collective, Kaffe and Brandon Workshops, Libert Art Fabrics, general fabrics, soak wash, kits and pre-cuts, books and patterns.

Hyggeligt Fabrics participates in a number of events which will include Creativ Festival this spring and fall. Join Hyggeligt on the show floor of Creativ Festival for quilting and notions.

Hyggeligt is joining us again this spring Creativ Festival. Find them in Booth# 249.