Advance Tips for Fitting Patterns with Evangelina Cruz

Creativ Festival 2014

Evangelina Cruz

Evangelina Cruz is an industrial designer who for more than 20 years has been sharing techniques to make lovely, easy, made-to-measure patterns.

Creativ Festival 2014

Advanced Tips to Perfect Fitting Patterns

Advanced Tips to Perfect Fitting Patterns
Evangelina shares insider tips to make beautiful patterns that really fit. All it takes is two measurements and you can make fashionable patterns easily!
Discovery Centre – Fri & Sat 4:30

And, catch exciting patternmaking in-booth classes each hour on the hour to learn to make custom-fit patterns easily at Lutterloh Systems Canada – Booth #510

It’s the Details that Make Fashion with Edith Kauffeldt

Edith Kauffeldt is a lifelong sewer and owner of Sew Have Fun. Her experiences as a Baby Lock Canada Educator, creating custom dresses and bridal wear, sewing for a costume designer, interior decorator and Kutaways has led to a desire to share her love of sewing with as many people as possible.

Creativ Festival 2014

Adding Fashion Details

Adding Fashion Detail
Take a garment from ordinary to extraordinary, simply by adding some fashion details. Edith shares sewing tips to add flair and elegance to your fashion sewing projects. See samples that incorporate, ruching, trim, pleats and more!
Room 105 – Fri 1:30 . Sat 1:30

Class registration will begin inSpring 2014. Watch for updates here on our blog for when brochure details become available and registration begins.

Elaine and the Purple Crayon

Elaine Theriault, a popular teacher at Sew Fancy Inc., is a proficient stitcher who is talented in many needle arts. Join her as she shares her enthusiasm and knowledge.

Creativ Festival 2014

Crayoning, It’s not Just for Fun!

Crayoning: It’s Not Just for Fun!

Take your embroidery to another level with crayons! Sound simple? Just colour with crayons?  It’s that easy, but colouring on fabric is a little different than on paper. Elaine shares some special techniques to make your crayoning on fabric more effective so you can add texture and dimension to your pieces.
Room 101 – Fri 10:30


Creativ Festival 2014

Rule Your Rulers

Rule Your Rulers!

Quilting rulers make preparing the shapes for your quilt so much faster, easier and more accurate. Join Elaine to see how she uses some of her favourites and learn how to best make them work for you.
Discovery Centre – Fri 5:30

Class registration will begin in Spring 2014. Watch for updates here on our blog for when brochure details become available and registration begins.

The Beauty of Bead Knitting

Creativ Fest 2014

Flo Flory

Flo Flory has been teaching Bead Knitting for more than 12 years and was thrilled to be the 2012 invited instructor at the Northwest Fiber Guild in Whitehorse, Yukon. Flo has designed a must see collection of magnificent beaded bags that are the envy of any belle of the ball!

Presented by: A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine

Creativ Fest 2014

Bead knitting with Flo

Bead Knitting (hands-on 12)

Touch and marvel at Flo’s wonderful collection of bead knitted items. From fashionable jewellery to beautiful evening bags, this designer collection will inspire you to try it yourself. And, try it you can, as Flo is on deck to let you practice on some samples and answer your questions.
Needle Arts Nook – Sat 10:30

The Art of Lampworking Demonstrations

Nortel - Alicia Niles5Lampwork: A 14th Century Technique
The art of making beads by winding molten glass around a steel mandrel is often referred to as Lampwork, as the 14th century artisans in Murano, Italy used oil lamps as their heat source. Come see why this art form continues to intrigue. Alicia Niles plays with fire and skilfully wields a fuelled torch to achieve a precise flame that magically creates intricate glasswork. Each bead is a unique handmade creation.

Nortel Manufacturing Limited – Booth #384

Check out these fabulous works of art created by Alicia.

Nortel - Alicia Niles (2) Nortel - Alicia Niles2 Nortel - Alicia Niles6 Creativ Fest 2014


40+ Years of Crafting Excellence with the Markham Guild

Machine Applique- Peggy Kwan!

Machine Applique- Peggy Kwan

The Markham Guild of Village Crafts has been going strong for 42 years. Talented members are on deck with diverse interactive demos ranging from rug hooking, knitting and spinning to painting and stained glass. See how to machine sew pillowcases, a fast and easy way to make a machine appliqué quilt block…  or sit and try hand appliqué, making  folded flowers or create animals and flowers with yarn.

Markham Guild of Village Crafts – Booth #400

One on One Help with Cross Stitch Clinic

Gatenby, Jo - Taking the Hard out of Hardanger @ Creativ Festival

Taking the Hard out of Hardanger

Stitching Clinic

Having a problem with a piece of needlework?  Bring it in to designer Jo Gatenby and she’ll try to help you out. Want to know how to do a perfect French Knot or what you can do instead? Need to learn how to work a buttonhole and the trick to adding a new strand? Or, just have a question? Visit us for Clinic hours.

X’s & Oh’s – Booth #331