Make your Own Yarn with The Society for Creative Anachronism

Society for Creative Anachronism presents

Creativ Festival 2014

Drop Spindle

Drop Spindle (Hands-on Activity)

Learn how to take the “drop” out of drop spindle. We’ll teach you a foolproof technique to grasp the method of hand spinning with a drop spindle, an ageless method for making your own yarn!
SCA Booth #105 – Fri 12:30 to 1:30 . Sat 1:30 to 2:30


Viking Naalbinding

Viking Naal binding

Viking Naal Binding (Hands-on Activity)

Everything old is new again. This ancient group of stitches pre-dates knitting and was used extensively in the early medieval period. It can be used to make socks, sweaters, mitts and hats. Learn the techniques for a basic and highly versatile naal binding stitch.
SCA Booth #105 – Fri 2:30 to 3:30 . Sat 10:30 to 11:30

Class registration will begin in Spring 2014. Watch for updates here on our blog for when brochure details become available and registration begins.

Runaway Knitting with Cynthia MacDougall

Cynthia MacDougall is the founder of the “Canadian Guild of Knitters” and has been knitting for over 30 years. Her primary knitting interest is lace, but she enjoys all forms of knitting. Cynthia has written articles for the “Ontario Handweavers and Spinners”, “Canadian Fibre Arts Publications”, was “Huronia Spinners’ Guild” newsletter editor and is now a major contributor to “A Needle Pulling Thread”.

Presented by: A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine

Short Rows with Cynthia

Short Rows with Cynthia

Short Rows (hands-on 12) Beginner +

Learn to add shaping to your garments with short rows as illustrated in the spring 2014 issue. Short rows are used frequently in free-form knitting and can also be used to cover body shaping challenges that range from dowager’s humps to sock heels. Need a bust dart in a sweater? Cynthia shares short row tips that can help.
Needle Arts Nook – Fri 10:30



Creativ Fest 2014

Colourwork- Cynthia MacDougall

Colourwork: Stranding (hands-on 12) Intermediate

There are two types of colourwork, Intarsia and Stranded knitting. Cynthia will focus on colour stranding, the technique used in Fair Isle and Norwegian style garments. See examples of how beautiful colour stranding can be stitched and learn ways to hold your yarn to add colour to your knitting.
Needle Arts Nook – Fri 3:30

Traditional Rug Hooking is More Enjoyable than You May Realize, Try It At Creativ!

Creativ Fest 2014

Carla Canonico

Presented by: A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine

Carla Canonico was fascinated with her mother’s sewing and her grandmother’s knitting, a daily activity around the house. Born of Italian parents in Uruguay, who later immigrated to Montreal, Carla could speak Italian, Spanish, French and English by the second grade. This inspired her to attain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Languages. Today, she has come full circle, pursuing her passion and expressing her creativity as editor-in-chief and art director of “A Needle Pulling Thread” magazine.


Traditional Rug Hooking 101 (hands-on 12)

Carla takes a step back in time and explores the basics of this old world craft. Hooking rugs as our North American pioneers once did has turned into an art form. Try your hand at a few loops and see if you get hooked!

Needle Arts Nook – Sat 3:30

Class registration will begin in Spring 2014. Watch for updates here on our blog for when brochure details become available and registration begins.

Expressively Alpaca

Canadian Alpaca Fibre Works - Summer Top Front (2) - CopyExpressively Alpaca: Fashion Show

From field to fashion… Alpaca fleece is light or heavy in weight, depending on how it is spun. It’s soft, durable, luxurious and silky. While similar to sheep’s wool, it’s warmer, not prickly and has no lanolin making it hypoallergenic. Alpaca is naturally water-repellent and difficult to ignite. Join Canadian Alpaca Fibre Works as they feature everything from fine knit garments to home goods including duvets, blankets, rugs and even insulation material.

Fashion Runway – Fri 3:00

Canadian Alpaca Fibre Works - Expressively AlpacaAlpaca Experience

Discover and explore the amazing world of alpacas in this interactive exhibit presented by a group of local alpaca farmers, whose goal is to educate and inspire! Watch Amy Kung-Oliver in the blink of an eye turn Alpaca batts into fabric in all degrees of density as she Needle Felts with the FeltLOOM®. Be amazed as Melody MacDonald works her Circular Antique Sock Machine. And, David demonstrates Weaving Techniques with the Cricket Loom. Plus, they’ll be showcasing luxurious yarns and products produced here in Canada from their own herds.

Canadian Alpaca Fibre Works – Booth #931 in the all new ‘Fibre Walk’ section of the show!

Cotton-By-Post Collection

Cotton-By-Post, Creativ Festival

Cotton-By-Post Incredible Yarn Selections at Creativ Festival

Cotton-By-Post specializes in small North American indie dyers. We’re one of five shops in Canada to stock Jamieson & Smith, and will be the only Canadian retailer to carry Desert Vista Dyeworks.

Facebook link:

Visit Cotton-By-Post at Creativ Festival this fall. Find them on the show floor at booth #1027.

Ancient Measures for Modern Times

Society of Creative Anachronism

Society of Creative Anachronism

Ancient Measures for Modern Times

Come and give it a try as members lead interactive demos on period sugar paste embellishments, embroidery, drop spinning, Celtic knot design and Viking naal binding.

Society for Creative Anachronism – Booth #016

Yarn & Cloth in the Making

Ontario Hand Spinners

Ontario Handweavers & Spinners

 Yarn & Cloth in the Making

Try your hand on a variety of looms! Learn how to set up a loom, weave and discover what projects are portable and can be done with a small loom. Or, if spinning speaks to you… drop by and we’ll get you started.

Ontario Handweavers and Spinners – Booth #007