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Sock It and More with Kate Atherley


  Kate Atherley is’s Managing Technical Editor, and a seasoned designer and teacher of all things knitterly. Her latest Read More →

Swatch It & More with Michelle Nguyen

Nguyen, Michelle - Swatch It Horizontal_700x500

Michelle Nguyen got involved in fibre arts by blogging about knitting. Combining her English Degree with a passion for all Read More →

Creativ Festival Reveals Fall 2015 Class Lineup

Maggie Vanderweit, Fabric Dyeing

The 28th annual Creativ Festival is moving to the North Building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on new days Read More →

Knit/Purl Textured Patterns with Cynthia MacDougall

Cynthia MacDougall - nanus checkerboard

Behind the Seams of Knit and Purl… There are many ways of combining knit and purl designs, from ribbing and Read More →

Picking up Stitches

Denise Powell

Check out the A Needle Pulling Thread Needle Arts Nook where you will pick up stitches with these and other Read More →

We Give a Darn!


It’s about wet felting kat-nips, using recycled linen to create fabulous fabric bowls & baskets and catching weaving demonstrations.  Alanna Read More →

Fur Flare & Swatch Out!

Fur Flare and Swatch Out!

Let daring designer Paula Lishman, knitting blogger Michelle Nguyen and designer/teacher Christine Bossart expand your knitting repertoire! Paula Lishman is Read More →